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In such cases wherein a company may be unable to repay its debts in the long term, SA Consult is able to provide practical and impartial advice and guidance for liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings. Legal and administrative support is available, and we are also able to act as liquidator.

Insolvency proceedings in Malta begin with a comprehensive examination of the company's financial situation to judge whether such company is justified or in fact if it is still viable to operate and pay off its debts. If it is found that the company's assets are less than its liabilities then insolvency proceedings can go ahead.

Once a company is deemed as dissolved by Court, any transfer of property or shares would be void. Upon the apointing of a company liquidator, the company officers pass on their powers to the liquidator.

Criminal proceedings may also be taken against anyone within a company who had been involved with the concealing of assets or documents or having disposed of. Such persons may be found responsible to pay back monies due to the company, and proceedings may be taken in the case of wrongful or fraudulent trading.